Today, we've got an update on Tesla's next 10 years, some thoughts on why far more fuel-efficient engines are more important than electric-car advocates may think, 25 plug-in cars from BMW, and a silent semi seen on the street. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

What percentage of full-size pickup trucks will come with a plug just six model years from now, in 2025? Take our new Twitter poll to share your opinion.

One carmaker has long been known for selling not only electric cars, but also solar panels and home energy-storage batteries. Now, another one has joined the game—but can you figure out which one it would be?

Light-duty full-size pickup trucks are meat-and-potatoes American icons, but until now, their optional diesel engine have been built overseas. Now, that will change.

BMW is planning to offer 25 battery-electric and plug-in hybrid models by 2025, but it's taking a different path to get there than most makers.

We learned today that Tesla CEO Elon Musk will stay on for another 10 years, and we looked at what the company's accomplished to date.

Electric cars are a necessary part of radically cutting vehicle carbon emissions, but so are far more efficient combustion engines. Big Oil is now in that game too.

Retirees in Florida will take part in the largest self-driving car test to date.

Finally, what would you say if you saw a prototype all-electric Tesla Semi cruising silently down the street? One startled onlooker even got video.


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