Today, the electric Mini concept breaks cover, Chinese electric-car sales surge, used batteries offer fast charging, and why boring suits Tesla. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

BMW revealed renderings of the Mini Electric Concept that will debut at the Frankfurt auto show in two weeks.

How high are sales of plug-in electric cars in China? Twice as high as those in the U.S., at least from January through June.

Used battery packs from Renault electric cars are being used to provide DC fast-charging in two locations in Germany and Belgium.

Another concept car to debut at Frankfurt will be the Smart Vision EQ self-driving urban electric minicar.

Not only is the T-pod electric truck autonomous, it can be controlled remotely. Coming soon to a highway near you?

First fake news, now a fake city: Waymo tests its self-driving cars in a simulated city in California.

Finally, a Tesla Model S electric luxury car fits inside the tunnels being constructed by CEO Elon Musk's Boring Company.


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