Today, we've got two Tesla stories covering its entire model lineup, an electric car that went racing, a news roundup from Canada, and a distracted-pedestrian idea. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

A piece we published on the net number of Tesla Model 3 reservations may have contributed to CEO Elon Musk's response: Tesla has 455,000 net reservations for the new model, he said.

Imagine that: BP will add electric-car charging stations to gas stations, having noticed projections that the gasoline market may start to decline as EVs hit the road.

We've got a roundup of six electric-car news items from Canada, from more charging stations to a new EV Discovery Centre.

Ever wanted to take an electric car racing? Our reader Doug Kerr did: his daughter Andie drove her Fiat 500e in a local autocross, and he told us the whole story.

Before the Tesla Model 3 went into production, the Tesla Model S and Model X got some upgrades and new features that set the bigger, pricier cars apart from the less-expensive one.

If distracted pedestrians on their mobile devices irritate you, Honolulu feels your pain ... and plans to do something about it.

Finally, Fiat Chrysler may join the parade of carmakers into the Formula E electric-car race series, but it won't be Ferrari that does it, says the CEO.


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