Today, a newly happy Tesla owner, some unhappy good ol' boy drag racers, soaring growth for solar power generation, and a Bolt EV after six months. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Our Tesla-owning writer David Noland was down in the dumps over Supercharging last week, but now, he writes, happy days are here again. (He can charge his new Tesla for free too.)

Eleven Japanese companies, including Honda, Nissan, and Toyota, have formed a consortium to advance hydrogen fueling infrastructure for zero-emission vehicles.

A few months ago, we covered a California Bolt EV owner's first impressions of the 238-mile electric car. Now we have more impressions after a full six months.

We all hear a lot about Silicon Valley, but how much do you know about Germany's Silicon Saxony?

Sometimes a single image really is worth a thousand words, and that's the case for soaring solar-power adoption rates, highlighted in a tweet five days ago.

Oh, those good ol' boys with their souped-up V-8 muscle cars: they weren't too happy getting beaten by a Tesla electric car, now, were they?

You can add General Motors to the list of automakers being sued over diesel emissions—though we note that the suit comes from a private law firm representing owners, not a government agency.

Finally, if you've ever wondered about those automated garages that park your car via robotic lifts, we've got video showing how they work.


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