Today, two words Trump won't say, soaring electric-car sales in California, some perspective on hydrogen fuel cells, and a couple of details on the Tesla Model 3. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

We still don't know most of the specifications for the Tesla Model 3 that the company says will enter production this year, but now at least its 0-to-60-mph acceleration and trunk volume have broken into public view.

While the pope gave President Trump his encyclical on climate change yesterday, it appears those are two words that can't be said in public by the Trump Administration. We explain the latest example.

If you're an electric customer of Southern California Edison, the utility wants to give you $450 if you buy an electric car—new or used—or even if you already own one.

General Motors and Honda have combined their hydrogen fuel-cell powertrain expertise; GM's fuel-cell chief talks about the deal, and the future of hydrogen-powered vehicles.

Remember how Consumer Reports downgraded the safety ratings of Tesla electric cars after they lost their automatic emergency braking? The consumer magazine has now restored some points, although not all, after a software upgrade.

Sales of battery-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles have soared in California; that's the good news. The bad news: hybrid sales sank over the same period.

How many gears should an automatic transmission have these days to boost fuel-efficiency ratings? For the gigantic 2018 GMC Yukon SUV, the right number is 10—as in a 10-speed automatic transmission. Yup.

Finally, if you know any Aussies, you may commiserate with them over the GM-Holden plant having built its last Chevrolet rear-wheel-drive models for U.S. sale. They weren't at all green, but they were kinda cool.


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