Today, a transmission dies, a smaller crossover appears, Oregon wants to give car salespeople money, and the fossil-fuel industry may soon apparently run the EPA. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

The case has faded into history, but the CEO of failed electric-car charging provider 350 Green has pleaded guilty to fraud charges and will go to jail.

Oregon is considering a $250 bonus for every salesperson who sells an electric car at a dealership that also sells gasoline cars.

Henhouse, meet fox: the EPA has canned at least five science advisors, who will be replaced with representatives from the industries the agency regulates. Including, very likely, fossil fuels.

A $71,000 Mercedes-Benz E300 luxury sedan isn't exactly green, but we tested its real-world gas mileage and found that it demonstrates considerable progress among the breed.

If we're soon going to have autonomous electric cars, why not autonomous zero-emission cargo ships too? Norway asks.

The 2017 Nissan Rogue Sport is yet another smaller crossover utility vehicle; we've now driven it for the first time.

Finally, there are apparently limits to the lengths engineers will go to wring out incremental improvements: VW has killed off its proposed 10-speed dual-clutch transmission. For now, anyhow.


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