Today, we review data (and lots of charts!) on Tesla battery life, cover an EPA shocker, go over the basics of electric-car charging, and more. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

The battery life of Tesla Model S electric cars is looking pretty good, so far.

It appears the head of the agency responsible for protecting U.S. land, water, and air lobbied coal companies to oppose U.S. efforts to reduce emissions of climate-change gases.

How much impact will electric cars have on the global oil business? More than expected, even oil companies are realizing.

We've updated our guide to the basics of electric car charging to reflect developments over the last two years.

Volkswagen will have a new small crossover later this year, and it's teased the T-Roc in a video beforehand.

Owner Mahindra is considering turning Pininfarina into a high-end electric-car brand.

Finally, if you've driven on American  roads and highways lately, you'll know the country has an infrastructure problem. "Be Prepared to Stop," a new video, explains it.


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