Tesla has released updated pricing and features for its 2017 Tesla Model X all-electric crossover utility vehicle, including lower prices for both the 75D and 90D models.

Like the changes released at the same time to the Model S sedan, the new lineup increases the distance between the two lower-end models and the top-of-the-range 100D and P100D versions.

The most notable feature of the battery-electric, all-wheel-drive family vehicle is its distinctive "falcon-wing" doors, which lift and fold within the width of the car.

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The 2017 Tesla Model X now starts at $82,500 for the 75D, $3,000 less than before.

That price still buys you an EPA-rated range of 237 miles thanks to the 75-kilowatt-hour battery.

Likewise, Tesla has reduced the price of 90D models, down $2,000 to $93,500.

2017 Tesla Model X

2017 Tesla Model X

Both 75D and 90D trims are now only available with the company’s 48-amp charger, though the 90D retains its 90-kwh battery and 257-mile range.

Buyers looking for increased charging speed will need to step up to the Model X 100D, which only comes with a 72-amp charger.

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Beginning April 24, the 100D will see a minor price bump, up $1,000 to $99,500 for the 100-kwh battery pack and 295-mile range, more than a modest increase in range over its lower littermates.

The viciously fast Model X P100D sees the biggest price increase of the lot, up $9,500 to $145,000.

2017 Tesla Model X

2017 Tesla Model X

It comes with the company’s 72-amp charger as well. The P100D features a 100-kwh battery pack, all-wheel drive, and, most notably, a 2.9-second 0-to-60-mph time.

As always, the increased performance comes with a slight penalty, this time in the form of a bit less range than the 100D, down to 289 miles.

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No matter which trim buyers choose, the optional six-seat configuration will now be available with a second-row center console for $500.

As always, the Model X comes in three interior configurations: five, six, and seven seats.

2017 Tesla Model X

2017 Tesla Model X

Tesla has also replaced the 20-inch Silver Helix wheel on the Model X with a new 20-inch Sonic Carbon design.

The company rolled out a number of changes for both the Model S and the Model X this week as it continues to work towards its goal of getting the more affordable Model 3 into production later this year.


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