Honda will unveil the Skydeck hybrid concept at this years Tokyo Motor Show at the end of the month.  The vehicle could become a future rival to the Ford S-Max.  This MPV has three rows of seating and could replace the FR-V in the European market.

The Skydeck is about the same size as the Ford S-Max.  Its larger than the current FR-V and could provide Honda with an extremely efficient multi-passenger vehicle.

According to a source speaking with Autocar, "Honda wants to introduce a range of hybrid vehicles that appeal to different markets.  There are currently no plans to put the Skydeck into production, but you can see the way we are going with this.”

The concept takes the Insight's battery system and relocates it from the rear floor area to the center console running the length of the cabin floor.  The new layout could be utilized by Honda for the next generation Honda IMA full size hybrids.

The concept is designed to gauge interest and may not be a running vehicle.  Honda has not released information about the engine powering the vehicle.  The company intends to gauge reaction to a three row, large hybrid model.

The concept features second row seats the fold down under the first row and front doors that open upward like a Lamborghini with rear sliding doors.  Some features would not make it to production, but again this is only a concept with no intentions for production at this time.

Look for additional info about the Honda Skydeck after its unveiling at the Tokyo Motor Show at the end of the month.