Today, we look at winter driving in electric cars, why the oil industry doesn't care about plugs, and Fiat Chrysler is in more hot water over its diesel engines in Europe. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Faster charging for electric cars, modeled by Tesla in its Supercharger network, is slowly getting more real for the rest of the plug-in world.

It's not just cheating, but "aggravated cheating," that French prosecutors are discussing in connection with the real-world emissions of diesels sold by Fiat Chrysler in European markets.

Think the oil industry is all worried about plummeting gasoline sales from electric cars? It's not—and we explain why.

With the emergence of China into the world's largest car market, in some ways Europe is becoming odd man out. That may be one reason GM sold its German Opel operation.

If you live in an area with wintry weather, you may have wondered how you drive an electric car in winter. A man who's owned four of them tells you.

Another day, another new electric supercar. This one's called Elextra.

Finally, you know those 2025 emission goals? The ones Ford CEO Mark Fields said (using a debunked study) could cost up to 1 million jobs?

A new study suggests they could be achieved at just 40 percent of the cost originally projected.


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