As an auto company that exclusively produces electric cars, Tesla Motors has a very appropriate name.

It is, of course, named after Nikola Tesla, a famed engineer who pioneered technologies related to electricity.

So what might Nikola Tesla think of his namesake?

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That's the question a new video created by a Tesla fan seeks to answer.

Titled "Step into the Future," the 60-second video takes the form of a commercial, in which Nikola Tesla takes a spin in a Tesla Model S.

Tucker S. Elliott, the video's creator, clearly feels Tesla would approve of the Model S.


2017 Tesla Model S

2017 Tesla Model S

As the Serbian-American inventor accelerates down a twisty road, a smile appears below his well-known mustache.

The fan-made ad also features the catchy tagline, "For the mad scientist in us all."

Tesla doesn't produce its own commercials—but, then again, it doesn't seem to need to.

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"Step into the Future" is the latest in a growing series of fan-made videos extolling the virtues of Tesla electric cars.

This phenomenon shows the impressive amount of loyalty Tesla has cultivated among its customers.

That loyalty comes through not only in tribute videos like this one, but in the animated way many Tesla owners will discuss their cars and ownership experience, when asked (and occasionally even without being asked).


2017 Tesla Model S

2017 Tesla Model S

Tesla relies on this enthusiastic owner base to generate more sales, even instituting formal programs in which owners get rewarded for referring friends who end up buying Teslas.

That, along with a network of showrooms and retails stores, largely takes the place of conventional advertising and marketing.

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As with most other aspects of the company, the way Tesla markets itself is somewhat unorthodox.

But if Tesla were ever to launch a television ad campaign and needed a spokesperson, it could probably do worse than a resurrected Nikola Tesla.


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