Nikola Tesla

  • Nikola Tesla on Serbian dinar banknote

    This month marks the 75th year since the death of famed inventor and and electrical innovator Nikola Tesla, a man whose life is as interesting as his technical achievements. Tesla, a Serbian who was born in what's now Croatia, brought the world numerous innovations in electricity that, to this day, define how we live. On January 7th, Tesla was found dead in a hotel room by one of the hotel's maids, bringing to an end a long 86-year journey peppered with cataclysmic events that would shape his life forever. DON'T MISS: Nikola Tesla drives Tesla Model S: amateur fan video imagines Tesla is best...

  • Nikola Tesla drives a Tesla Model S in fan-made video
    Nikola Tesla drives Tesla Model S: amateur fan video imagines

    As an auto company that exclusively produces electric cars, Tesla Motors has a very appropriate name. It is, of course, named after Nikola Tesla, a famed engineer who pioneered technologies related to electricity. So what might Nikola Tesla think of his namesake? DON'T MISS: Pilot production of...

  • Nikola Motor Company electric UTV
    Nikola's all-electric, all-terrain vehicle packs Tesla-size battery pack

    It’s not quite the electric vehicle we were expecting from Nikola Motor Company but this rough-and-tumble buggy is actually the American startup’s first product. It’s called the Nikola Zero, and it’s a pure electric UTV (Utility Task Vehicle) whose battery has a...

  • Nikola One electric semi truck
    Nikola unveils how its electric truck works: custom hydrogen fuel cell

    Nikola Motor Company now says its Class 8 semi truck will use hydrogen fuel cells.

  • Nikola One electric semi truck
    Nikola One electric-truck running prototype to be unveiled Dec 2

    It's long been assumed that while passenger vehicles may well start to transition to electric drive over the next decade or two, heavy commercial trucks won't. The energy density of liquid hydrocarbon fuel is particularly well suited to moving vehicles that can weigh 10 times the 2-ton weight of a...

  • Famed electrical engineer Nikola Tesla, scanned image from postcard c. 1890.
    Tesla Motors CEO Musk To Support Tesla Museum Project

    Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors, has quite a lot on his mind these days. Among his tasks: making sure production of the 2012 Tesla Model S electric sport sedan ramps up quickly enough, while maintaining superb quality, to let Tesla build 5,000 units before the end of the year. But Musk still...

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