Today, we look at plans for faster electric-car charging, Faraday Future's tally of reservations for the FF 91 electric car, and the results of our poll asking how much a fully loaded Tesla Model 3 will cost. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

See how automakers and charging-infrastructure companies are trying to fast track faster charging for electric cars.

Solar panels connected to home energy-storage battery packs proved less efficient than grid-connected solar panels in a recent study.

Faraday Future has around 64,000 reservations for its FF 91 electric car. Here's why that figure isn't directly comparable to Tesla's Model 3 reservation tally.

Watch the Toyota Mirai Super Bowl ad that aired during last Sunday's game, but only in California.

How much will a fully loaded Tesla Model 3 cost? We asked that question on Twitter, and the answers span a broad range.

Despite all of the recent doom and gloom about the future of manual transmissions, they way very well survive long term. Here's how.

Finally, BMW's i Ventures investment fund is backing a company developing a process to 3D print metal parts, which may help streamline manufacturing.


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