Today, we talk about a very controversial Tesla, consider the idea of $1 billion in electric-car infrastructure and incentives, and look at the percentage of Americans who accept climate science (it's high). All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Germany's minister for the environment is facing some pushback for his recent electric-car purchase. Why? He bought a Tesla, which isn't German.

We have little solid understanding about what will happen to efforts to address climate change under the Trump Administration, but almost three-quarters of Americans accept the science of global warming—pretty much the same percentage as eight years ago.

Meanwhile, three electric utilities in California submitted a breathtaking total of $1 billion in proposals to boost zero-emission vehicle use and provide infrastructure.

A new all-electric Renault Master ZE delivery van was launched at the Brussels Motor Show two weeks ago, the company's fourth ZE model on sale.

We now know how Paris plans to ban the dirtiest diesel cars from its streets: color-coded stickers.

Remember that new Tesla Model S P100D with "Ludicrous Plus" mode? One recently accelerated from standstill to 60 mph in an astoundingly low 2.39 seconds, and we've got the video.

We note, by the way, that Tesla recently reversed itself on limiting lifetime full-speed launches after lots of customer complaints about the new policy.

Finally, cars from the Mini brand aren't nearly as mini as they used to be. We run down 2017 changes to the Mini lineup of models.


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