Today, the deadline for a final Volkswagen diesel settlement is delayed by one week, we look at Toyota hybrid battery-pack costs, and the Tesla Model X reveals shortcomings as a tow vehicle. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

U.S. District Court Judge Charles Breyer gave Volkswagen and U.S. regulators one more week to finalize details of a diesel settlement.

A 1,000-mile road trip shows the limitations of the Tesla Model X as a tow vehicle.

We look at replacement costs for Toyota hybrid battery packs.

A pair of 110-year-old electric cars sell at an auction in the U.K. as collectors start to appreciate them.

This Australian electric off-roader will never see the light of day... because it's designed for use in mines.

Volkswagen diesel owners have lost an average $1,500 in value on their cars, a new study says.

BMW recalls more than 210,000 crossovers, including diesel versions of the X3 and X5.

Finally, the Mini Vision Next 100 concept predicts a future for Mini that involves zero-emission powertrains and autonomous driving.


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