Today, Consumer Reports tests the Volkswagen diesel "cheat mode," the Tesla Model X gets a tax break formerly used for HUMMERs, and the Mitsubishi eX electric crossover concept appears ahead of its official debut at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

It turns out that the Tesla Model X electric crossover qualifies for the infamous "HUMMER" tax break.

India follows China in committing to some reductions in carbon emissions.

Catch up on last week's news with our Week in Reverse feature and video.

The Mitsubishi eX is an all-electric crossover concept that will debut at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show.

Consumer Reports tests Volkswagen diesel cars equipped with "cheat mode," and finds that fuel economy and performance fall when it is disengaged.

Researchers claim a new optical rectenna could improve the efficiency of solar-energy systems.

France will expand an incentive program that encourages owners to scrap older diesel cars and buy new electric cars to diesels that are 10 years old.

In the wake of the emissions cheating scandal, new Volkswagen TDI models may not be available in dealerships for some time, a new report says.

Finally, the Rinspeed Etos is a hybrid sports car concept that comes with its own drone.


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