Tesla deliveries--and electric-car sales in general--plus diesel demands, Ford video ads, and a new name for an old company. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Saturday we rounded up all of last week's news stories in our Video Week in Reverse roundup.

Sunday, we noted that what was formerly Fisker Automotive is changing its name and becoming Karma Automotive.

This morning, we kicked off by covering the first-ever U.S. video ad for the Ford Focus Electric.

Then we looked at a demand by European automakers that legal nitrous-oxide emission levels have to be raised by 70 percent if their cars are to be tested in real-world driving conditions.

Tesla released its third-quarter electric-car delivery numbers, which were what they'd predicted. But they pose an obvious question: Can the company get the huge fourth quarter it needs to make its 2015 guidance?

Jaguar Land Rover is sticking with its diesel plans, the company confirmed to us.

And we rounded up last month's sales of plug-in electric cars, which were pretty blah, most likely in anticipation of better 2016 models.

Remember the Scion xB, the boxy little car that was an unlikely instant hit almost a decade ago? RIP xB.

Finally, we guess it's a small car by Range Rover standards: The luxury British brand is teasing an Evoque convertible crossover utility vehicle. Son of Nissan Murano CrossCabrio, anyone?


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