Car companies often offer financial perks to get people to buy their cars, but Tesla is offering incentives to customers who help sell them.

Through October 31, customers who buy a new Model S through an online referral link get $1,000 off, while existing owners who make the referrals get $1,000 toward the purchase of another car, servicing, or accessories.

But the biggest incentive of all may be a free Model X crossover, according to Bloomberg.

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That's the prize Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] is offering to the first person who refers 10 new customers in each of the company's current sales regions--North America, Europe, and Asia.

To nab the Model X, some prominent Tesla owners--including evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins and actress Alyssa Milano--have reportedly posted their referral links on Twitter.

Ryan Cramer--an advertising executive living in Santa Monica, California--is trying to attract 10 referrals by offering $10,000 per head.

Tesla Model X at 2013 Detroit Auto Show

Tesla Model X at 2013 Detroit Auto Show

Cramer--who already has a reservation for a Model X--plans to finance this scheme by selling the free car for $100,000.

The first batch of production Model X vehicles are expected to all be the Signature Series trim level, with a base price of $132,000.

There may already be a winner in Europe.

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Bjorn Nyland, a Model S owner in Norway, already claims to have referred 10 orders for the electric sedan, and tweeted Tesla CEO Elon Musk, asking if he'd won.

"Provided all 10 take delivery, you have indeed," Musk replied in an August 8 tweet.

Nyland won't be able to claim official victory until all 10 buyers complete their orders, and take delivery of their cars--which will have to be shipped from California to Norway.

Tesla Model X CES 2015 walkaround by TechVideo screencap

Tesla Model X CES 2015 walkaround by TechVideo screencap

Nyland could be termed a Tesla ultra-enthusiast: Along with a co-driver, he claims to have set a range record in the Model S.

The pair say they covered more than 450 miles on a single charge, driving in a loop around Denmark.

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The first Model X deliveries will take place on September 29.

However, it's possible significant volumes won't begin leaving Tesla's Fremont, California, plant until early next year.


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