Among vacations, staff travel, and Hey-It's-The-End-of-August-Yawn, we're a little light on stories today.

But we've still got what owners are doing to BMW electric cars that may make the German company mad, a small two-seat car that's all-new, much better, and a lookalike that's faded away into history.

All this and more on Green Car Reports.

French electric-car maker Venturi set a land-speed record this month--but it wasn't the one they really wanted.

Think back ... do you remember the Wheego electric car? It's now faded from the market, and the company is focusing on China.

At least a few BMW i3 REx owners are "coding" their range-extended electric cars to add functions offered in other markets. Would you believe ... AM radio?

We spent the last two days in Portland, driving the all-new--and much improved--2016 Smart ForTwo minicar. Read what we thought about it after our drives.

There'll also be a ForTwo Cabrio, and we've got the first photos of the little two-seater with the roll-back cloth top that'll go on sale about a year hence.

Finally, there's been a ton of talk about Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, but J. D. Power says most car buyers just aren't interested--they'd rather use their own phones.

But perhaps they'd be more interested if they actually understood what those two systems really do?


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