Today, BMW mulls an all-electric SUV, Congress passes fairer tax rules for natural gas, and Portland's Electric Avenue electric-car charging area moves and expands. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

We have more information on Toyota's plans to expand California hydrogen fueling infrastructure for the 2016 Mirai.

Congress passes new tax rules intended to equalize the discrepancy between taxation of diesel and liquified natural gas (LNG).

Portland's Electric Avenue relocates, and adds DC fast-charging stations. We've got all of the details.

"Quiet-car" rules requiring noise-making devices for electrified vehicles will be finalized this fall, government officials say.

German company Ubitricity believes its new charging cord for wall sockets can make electric-car charging infrastructure more flexible, and less expensive.

An armored plug-in hybrid natural-gas truck will begin transporting valuables around Los Angeles next year.

BMW mulls a large, all-electric SUV that could compete with the Tesla Model X.

Tesla offers owners $1,000 to convince a friend to buy a Model S.

Finally, BMW offers the EnLighten traffic-signal app, which can alert drivers to upcoming signal changes, potentially helping them save fuel by avoiding unnecessary acceleration.


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