Today, get the details on notable upgrades to the Tesla Model S electric car, the story of a California startup planning an electric car of its own, and the prospects of new plug-in hybrid SUVs against the Tesla Model X. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Tesla announces a 90-kilowatt-hour battery-pack option and new "Ludicrous" performance mode for the Model S.

Catch up on last week's biggest stories with out Week in Reverse feature and video.

With the new 90-kWh battery pack option and new "Ludicrous" mode, there are now quite a few Tesla Model S versions. Here's a quick spotter's guide.

Several luxury carmakers recently unveiled plug-in hybrid SUVs, but will they compete with the all-electric Tesla Model X?

As carmakers release their July incentives, check out the best deals on hybrids, diesels, and electric cars this month.

Faraday Future is a California-based startup that promises to launch a long-range electric car in 2017.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, a new study claims E10 fuel is less corrosive than ethanol-free gasoline.

A settlement is finally approved for a Nissan Leaf battery-capacity lawsuit that's dragged on for almost three years.

Is a tall hatchback a better option than a small crossover? Find out as we compare the Kia Soul and Toyota RAV4.

Finally, Ford shows off prototype headlights that can point out pedestrians and adjust for the curvature of specific roads.


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