Toyota will choose the first U.S. customers for its 2016 Mirai hydrogen fuel-cell car beginning next week.

On July 20, Toyota will begin accepting requests from perspective Mirai customers in California--the only U.S. state where the car will be available initially.

All requests must be submitted through a dedicated Mirai page on Toyota's website. Toyota customer service representatives will then interview the candidates.

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Per the FAQ section on the Mirai webpage, eligibility will be determined based on an applicant's proximity to fueling stations, as well as "various Mirai fit and driving preference questions."

Once an applicant is approved, they will be able to place an order with one of the eight California dealers now authorized to sell the car.

Four of those dealers are in Northern California, and the other four are in the southern part of the state.

2016 Toyota Mirai U.S. arrival

2016 Toyota Mirai U.S. arrival

Toyota will also set up a waiting list for those initially not deemed eligible to receive a car.

Buyers in other states may also get access to the Mirai at some point, pending expansion of fueling infrastructure beyond California.

Toyota expects to deliver the first cars in October 2015. After that, it's advising applicants that they will receive their cars from two to 12 months after placing their orders.

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All Mirai production will take place in Japan, at the low-volume Motomatchi Plant that previously built the Lexus LFA supercar.

The Japanese carmaker plans to deliver 3,000 Mirai sedans in the U.S. by the end of 2017.

Note that the very first Mirai for the U.S. has already been spoken for. That build slot was auctioned off for charity last fall--before Toyota even revealed the "Mirai" name.

2016 Toyota Mirai U.S. arrival

2016 Toyota Mirai U.S. arrival

U.S. buyers acquiring their cars through more conventional means will pay a sticker price of $57,500.

However, Toyota expects nine out of 10 buyers to opt for the $499 monthly lease instead (with a $3,649 down payment).

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The Mirai gets an EPA-estimated 312 miles of range, making it the only zero-emission vehicle on sale to break the 300-mile barrier.

However, its 67 MPGe efficiency rating is below that of all battery-electric cars currently on sale, as well as most plug-in hybrids.


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