Which zero-emission vehicle is so powerful it actually broke the dyno it was being tested on?

And, what's the electric range of the latest plug-in hybrid from Mercedes-Benz?

This is our video look back at the Week In Reverse--right here at Green Car Reports--for the week ending on Friday, June 12, 2015.

Friday, we reported on our first drive of the Mercedes-Benz C 350e plug-in hybrid luxury sedan in San Francisco this past March.

The C-Class is a great car, but the battery doesn't have a lot of electric range--so it will probably end up being largely a more fuel-efficient version of a regular C-Class.

On Thursday, our Tesla-owning author David Noland celebrated the opening of a Supercharger close to his house after a series of snafus.

But then, CEO Elon Musk said that the quick-charging stations weren't for regular or local use--contrary to Tesla Motors' own statements.


Tesla was in the news again on Wednesday, too, after its annual shareholder meeting. Musk said the Model X electric crossover will ship in three to four months.

He also promised limited autonomous driving soon, and said he's been testing the latest software builds for the system in his own car every week.

Tuesday, we covered the 2015 Hyundai Sonata Eco, with a smaller turbocharged gasoline engine, a unique dual-clutch transmission, and a number of other tweaks.

The goal is to improve the mid-size sedan's fuel economy without the expense of a hybrid system--though the Sonata offers one of those too, and a new plug-in hybrid as well.

We did slightly better over 540 long-distance miles than its 32-mpg EPA rating, and we found it a comfortable car for long-distance travel, with a few caveats.

We started the week on Monday with news that the first Audi plug-in hybrid--the A3 e-tron Sportback--will reach dealers in October.

And over the weekend, it was back to Tesla again.

In this case, it was 35 seconds of video that showed the awesome torque of a Model S P85D simply breaking the dynamometer that was being used to measure its performance.

So what was that about nerdy little electric golf carts again?

Finally, we rounded up green-car deals, which are getting better as gasoline stays relatively low.

We covered June's best deals, and wrote in detail about some special incentives on Toyota Prius hybrid models--though they're only for Southern California buyers right now.


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