The Tesla Model X should be arriving in buyers' driveways within six months, if the company keeps to its latest schedule and starts delivering the all-electric SUV in the third quarter of this year.

But Tesla Motors is being uncharacteristically quiet about its next model line, saying it'll simply start delivering Model Xes, rather than doing a big launch and publicity event.

DON'T MISS: Tesla Model X Photographed Undisguised In Road Testing

That means that spy shots of Model X test vehicles on the roads may be all we have to mark the progress of the big electric crossover utility vehicle.

Over the last three weeks, a previously unknown Twitter account has published no fewer than four photos of one or more camouflaged Model X test vehicles on California roads.

The one-month-old "ModelXnews" Twitter account has less than 2,000 followers, but its proprietors clearly have a good eye and a speedy camera.

Tesla Model X testing on California road, Mar 2015 [Twitter: ModelXnews]

Tesla Model X testing on California road, Mar 2015 [Twitter: ModelXnews]

Two of the three different tweets with Model X test-car photos are here and here. We've only used one of the photos on this article; hit the links for the rest of them.

The site itself has lots of photos of the Model X, some staged, some possibly Photoshopped, as well as the spy shots.

The fan site Teslarati also has a YouTube video of the Model X caught testing near the company's Palo Alto headquarters in its Sightings and Spy Shots gallery, with views very similar to those spy shots.

All the links are worth a visit for Model X fans.


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