Today we've got a study that--despite headlines to the contrary--doesn't say "electric cars aren't green," a comparison of diesel and gasoline-car ownership costs, and video of a Tesla Model S P85D trouncing a Ferrari in a drag race. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Imagine electric-car charging stations every 25 miles. France could have them soon.

Milan pays drivers to leave their cars at home and take public transit.

Are diesels cheaper than gasoline cars? It depends on the model, a new study says.

Some coverage of a new University of Minnesota study claims it finds electric cars "aren't green," but that's not what the study itself says.

Watch a Tesla Model S P85D obliterate a Ferrari in a drag race.

Certain 2014 Toyota Camry and Avalon sedans are recalled to address a suspension problem.

Finally, the BMW 2 Series gets a downsized three-cylinder engine option--but not in the U.S.


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