Today's news is all about improvement. See how the dual-motor Tesla Model S "D" can be quicker than its rear-wheel-drive counterpart and offer more range, learn about plans for a battery-electric Cadillac, and read about a possible plug-in hybrid version of the Audi R8 supercar. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Details on the Tesla "D" and drives of the 2015 Honda Fit and 2015 Subaru Legacy are among the stories you'll find in our Week in Reverse feature and video.

Want a Toyota fuel-cell vehicle when it comes out a year from now? The carmaker is giving one away for charity.

The Audi R8 could follow the rest of the brand's models in offering a plug-in hybrid powertrain.

In the battle of steel versus aluminum, which material wins on both fuel efficiency and cost? Both industries think their materials can do it all.

Cadillac's lineup of plug-ins will expand--sooner or later--to include an all-electric car as well as a plug-in hybrid and a successor to today's ELR range-extended coupe.

The number of diesel pumps is increasing with rising sales of diesel vehicles, even as the number of gas stations falls.

The dual-motor, all-wheel drive Tesla Model S "D" is quicker, but also has more range than before. How did Tesla do that?

Toyota may launch a subcompact utility vehicle to compete with the Nissan Juke, Honda HR-V, and numerous others.

The 2015 Lincoln MKC EcoBoost-powered crossover misses the top Federal crash-test safety rating.

Finally, in other Lincoln news, a new mid-size crossover could share a rear-wheel drive platform with the next Ford Explorer--and both models could get aluminum bodies for better fuel efficiency.


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