A Tesla Model S electric car can turn heads wherever it goes, but one particular version can induce whiplash.

For those who really like to stand out, this Model S is covered with LumiLor, an electroluminescent coating developed by Darkside Scientific.

Controlled by on-board electronics, LumiLor puts on a light show in darkness, but maintains the car's stock appearance in normal light.

Cruising around at night, the coating looks like a glow-in-the-dark version of the camouflage carmakers use to disguise prototypes during testing.

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While it probably isn't as effective when the sun comes up, at night LumiLor also makes for a high-tech alternative to the flashy metallic paint jobs typically seen on customized cars and motorcycles.

Tesla Model S with LumiLor electroluminescent light coating

Tesla Model S with LumiLor electroluminescent light coating

While this Model S demonstrates the extent LumiLor's usefulness for showing off, it's intended primarily to increase visibility.

Real-world applications so far include motorcycles, helmets, and other objects that need to be made more visible at night.

LumiLor can be configured in different patterns, and is available in several colors, including green, blue, aqua, orange, white, and red.

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There may be a few caveats. This probably isn't something you can do in your garage, and there's no accounting for the reaction of Tesla service technicians when a rolling light show like this one turns up for maintenance.

As the Model S becomes more common, expect to see more owners customizing their cars to stand out from the crowd--and more aftermarket companies to cater to them.

Still, it's hard to imagine that any of them will top this illuminated plug-in car when it comes to turning heads.


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