• Tesla Model S with LumiLor electroluminescent light coating

    A Tesla Model S with LumiLor electroluminescent light coating.

  • 2011 Smart ForTwo with 'Heartthrob' Valentine's Day car wrap
    Valentine's Day Idea: Wrap Your Car In Hearts And Love

    Suppose your beloved walked into the garage this morning and found the car covered in pink hearts and declarations of love. That'd be a pretty impressive Valentine's Day gift, right? Well, start your planning for next year, 'cause this one will take more than a last-minute dash to the florist and...

  • Toyota Prius with keyed hood, via Twitter account of @peterpham
    Reader Poll: Was This Done By a Hybrid Hater, or An Angry Ex?

    It's Friday, the day when we round up the random items we've received all week and decide what to do with them. This one, we decided, deserves a reader poll. What do you think, was this innocent grey second-generation Toyota Prius keyed by someone who hates the fuel efficiency and green image of...

  • Smart Expressions vinyl-wrap option - plaid pattern
    If No One Notices Your Smart ForTwo, Why Not Wrap It In Plaid?

    You've got to be at least somewhat extroverted to drive a 2010 Smart ForTwo minicar, the smallest car sold in North America. People stare at it, point at you, and often ask you variations of, "What on earth makes you want to drive that?" Now, for the most extroverted of Smart owners, there's a new...

  • Aston Martin Cygnet in zebra stripe pattern
    Aston Martin Goes Green With Zebra-Skin Baby Swan From Toyota

    Last summer, lots of people thought it was a joke when famed British sports car maker Aston Martin said it would offer coachbuilt versions of Toyota's tiny iQ minicar, in the guise of the greenest Aston ever, the Cygnet. (A cygnet is a baby swan, by the way.) Well, it wasn't a joke. And now Aston...

  • 2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser in Army Green
    St. Patrick's Day Special: The Most Popular Cars Painted Green

    We write a lot about green cars, here at Surprise, right? Now our partner TrueCar has provided some data about which cars are greenest. That is, which cars are most often ordered in the color green. Consider this our automotive celebration of St. Patrick's Day. Lá Fhéile...

  • 2011 Toyota Sienna

      The people have spoken and they've chosen Viridian Joule as the name of the Chevy Volt's green-gray paint color. Dave Thomas, of Sanford, Florida came up with the winning entry which beat the second place offering, "enviroMint" by nearly 300 votes. "EV-ergreen" came in third, falling 400 votes off the pace. 3,000 total votes were cast in the online poll that determined the name. The newly chosen name seems apropos. describes viridian as "a long-lasting, bluish-green pigment, consisting of a hydrated oxide of chromium." A joule is the SI unit of energy. The three contestants...

  • Tesla Roadster Sport taxi, from LeBlogAuto
    Tesla Taxi? Hybrid Cab Owner Customizes Electric Roadster

    Anyone in the world who's ever seen a movie set in New York City can recognize a New York taxi. It's yellow with black graphics. So would you mistake this 2009 Tesla Roadster Sport for a taxi and hail it on the streets of Monaco? Probably not, but it's a tribute to the hacks of New York just the...

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