It's not a good week for getting your hands on innovative Japanese cars.

Following the news that Mitsubishi has delayed its plug-in Outlander yet further, Honda Fit customers will now have to wait until June to get their cars--following an original April 14 release date.

There's no solid reason why, according to Consumer Reports--though Honda dealers are putting it down to a national shipping delay.

That's not a delay from Japan though, but from the U.S. itself--since the Fit is now being built in North America.

Honda has released a statement, which explains that its new plant "features some of Honda’s latest and most advanced manufacturing technologies", and that the company is "taking a measured approach to the production ramp up" which means shipments have been slower than expected.

CR suggests it's better drivers have to wait a little longer for the car than suffer the sort of problems that first-year vehicles often experience--and it's likely owners would prefer that too.

When customers do finally get their hands on the car, they should find plenty to like.

It's similar in shape to the previous model, but features a few more of Honda's recent styling flourishes. It remains practical inside too, and with a 36 mpg combined rating with the CVT (33 mpg city, 41 mpg highway) it's also frugal.

If our own first drive in the Fit is anything to go by, a real-world 35-38 mpg isn't out of the question--or even more, for drivers who tend to stick to highway routes.

Unfortunately, there are no plans this time around for an electric version--Honda is one of a select few companies putting its faith in fuel cell vehicles, instead--and while a hybrid model exists, it probably won't be coming to the U.S.

For more information, images and a video preview of the 2015 Honda Fit, head over to our Detroit Auto Show model preview from earlier this year--and hope Honda doesn't knock the launch date any further back...


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