The Tesla Model S electric luxury sedan can be described many ways, and its owners generally use glowing superlatives in doing so.

But we've never seen it called an "intergalactic spaceboat of light and wonder" before.

Nor an "Electric CruiseBeast," for that matter.

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But those are just some of the glowing terms used by the cartoonist who produces The Oatmeal, a web comic that has a vast following for its droll observational style and extravagant language.

Famed electrical engineer Nikola Tesla, scanned image from postcard c. 1890.

Famed electrical engineer Nikola Tesla, scanned image from postcard c. 1890.

Two years ago, The Oatmeal did an episode (panel? strip? cartoon?) on the old laboratory on Long Island used by inventor Nikola Tesla, and the campaign to save it as a historic monument.

The resulting public support--even Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk got on board--ultimately led to raising almost $1.4 million to save the laboratory, and indeed it is now safe from development.

Now, The Oatmeal has published two different panels on the cartoonist's new Tesla Model S--which, it's fair to say, he loves, adores, relishes, and cherishes.

The first one is HERE, and the second one is HERE.

It's so enjoyable that no fewer than five people forwarded it to us, and as one reader said, "That kept me entertained for at least 15 minutes!"

Trust us: It's funny, technically accurate, and will almost surely make you laugh out loud at points from the author's sheer elation and grasp of language in describing how much he loves his Model S.

Please note that some parts of the comic may be NSFW, mostly for rude words.

(Note also that we hope The Oatmeal's author and publisher won't mind that we excerpted a very tiny piece of their copyrighted content to use to illustrate the article. Click on the whole thing to read it all. Seriously.)

[hat tips: Eric Epstein, Brian Henderson, Jeff Birkeland, Brian Santo, Dave Ruderman]


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