For every success story in the electric car world, there's also a less than successful endeavor.

Coda would find itself in the latter category. Years of hype deflated like a burst balloon when the company went bankrupt in May 2013.

The company's cars are still available though, through a firm called Coda Cars--and several are finding their way onto eBay with healthy discounts.

Speaking to Autoblog Green, Rick Curtis from Coda Cars says that most of the vehicles are sold through the company's website or through referrals.

But the odd car ends up on eBay where bidders can pick up a bargain, either on a full, working vehicle or on the occasional glider (lacking a battery but otherwise functional) or rolling chassis (the car with no drivetrain).

After buying Coda's stock following the company's bankruptcy last year, Coda Cars is selling vehicles and components to buyers worldwide--interest has come from as far afield as Russia, India, Hungary, China and Korea, as well as customers inside the U.S. itself.

While the last eBay auction failed to make reserve with a final bid of $14,000, and Coda Cars lists no prices on its website, buyers can almost certainly get a healthy discount next to the original $38,145 price tag.

As the company was going through its death throes early last year, some Coda dealers were already slashing prices for the sedan--Coda Silicon Valley offered a dealer discount that dropped pricing to less than $25,000.

The full cars sold by Coda Cars come with all the benefits of the original vehicles--a 134-horsepower, 221 lb-ft electric motor, 6.6 kilowatt charging system and 125-mile range.

They also come with the negatives, of course--an uninspired design and driving experience and lack of full manufacturer support--though at least the parts situation should be healthy.

What kind of price would tempt you into buying a new Coda? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


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