It's an electric car closeout sale.

Back in May, electric car startup Coda Automotive filed for bankruptcy, but there is still a way to get one of its cars.

A company called GreenWayEV has purchased the entire supply of unsold Coda vehicles and parts, and says it will sell the lot.

"We have a good selection of cloth and optional leather vehicles in stock in various colors and are ready for delivery," GreenWay's website, CodaCars, says.

The stock includes complete cars, "Gliders," which are assembled but lack the drive battery power supply, and "Rollers," which don't have any drivetrain components installed.

These cars will not be sold with warranties, but GreenWay says it will provide service and spare parts.

GreenWay says the leftover Codas will be sold at a "substantial discount," but no actual prices are listed. The Coda sedan was originally priced at $38,145, but that price was slashed to $24,995 by one dealer.

2012 Coda Sedans on assembly line, Benicia, California, March 2012

2012 Coda Sedans on assembly line, Benicia, California, March 2012

Buyers looking for a bargain electric car should have plenty of examples to choose from: Coda only sold about 100 cars in the U.S.

That may be because the product was less than inspiring.

Coda originally wanted to put its electric car into production in the fall of 2010, beating the Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf to market by a couple of months.

Instead, the start of production was delayed until March 2012.

The car had a 31-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack and 100-kilowatt electric motor, but its EPA rating of 73 MPGe and an 88-mile range made it less efficient than competitors like the Leaf, Ford Focus Electric, and Mitsubishi i.

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The powertrain was wrapped in generic exterior and interior styling, which didn't help the car's case. With established car makers selling their own plug-in cars, there wasn't much to recommend the Coda.

With new electric car choices still fairly limited, though, some of these leftover Codas may finally find homes if the price is right.


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