One of the main criticisms of electric cars is that they often lack the sort of raw appeal that makes you want a product, transcending any notions of buying because you need it.

Oddly, the world of electric two-wheelers hasn't had this trouble, particularly as you delve into the realms of simple bicycles. Perhaps their low-budget nature makes great design easier to attain, but many of the cheapest electric vehicles we've featured have also been the most appealing.

The Scrooser--pronounced Skroo-zer (via Inhabitat)--is possibly the best example yet of a heart-over-head electric vehicle at the lower end of the spectrum.

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Scrooser first tested the scooter in Barcelona, and it didn't take long for it to be termed "a Harley-Davidson for the sidewalk". The description fits pretty well, though its closest contemporary is probably the Honda Ruckus scooter, with a similarly minimalist feel. It's less uptight than an equivalent pedal-electric bike, a little more relaxed. A little more hipster, some might say, and it isn't hard to imagine the trendiest city districts crawling with skinny-jean and hat-clad urbanites sailing by on their Scroosers.

Its makers claim very little effort is required to get the Scrooser moving. Like those old childrens' scooters, a mere push of the foot is required to start it moving, and from there electric assistance takes over the effort. Keep pushing and you'll keep going faster, up to a maximum of 15 mph. It uses a 1000W impulse hub motor and a lithium-ion battery mounted low in the chassis. On chunky tires, stability should be pretty good.

Range is said to be 22 miles, with up to 34 available if you're willing to help it out with another push now and then. Charging takes between 1-3.5 hours.

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Overall weight is just 61 lbs, and it can handle individuals of up to 275 lbs. Uniquely, if you become tired or simply want to look even more nonchalant, there's a small seat above the rear wheel.

If there is one problem, it remains the price. Scrooser allows you to pre-order its product, but the outlay is a hefty $4,790. That's more than you'll pay to hop on the saddle of the equally-quick, equally low-effort Smart eBike, even if the Smart isn't quite as cool as the scooter-styled alternative.

Okay, it's not very practical either. But it still has that want-one factor, and we'd not mind seeing a little more of that in regular electric cars.


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