Today on Green Car Reports, we look at the new plug-in hybrid luxury sedan from Mercedes-Benz, celebrate another successful electric road trip, and help you choose the best 40 mpg mid-size sedans. All this and more in today's car news, right here on Green Car Reports.

"Go big or go home" isn't Nissan's motto, but maybe it should be: The company is working with Cummins on a V-8 diesel Titan.

Mercedes-Benz is also thinking big, with a 78 mpg plug-in hybrid S-Class due at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

Want to know what your 40 mpg mid-size sedan options are? Check our our handy guide.

As well as diesels, Nissan is doubling down on hybrids--Murano and Rogue hybrids could debut as soon as 2015.

The Ride The Future Tour has finished--a team of electric vehicle enthusiasts have traveled over 3,000 miles on a cross-country tour.

This probably isn't what the next Chevy Volt will look like, but Opel's Monza Concept may well preview its drivetrain.

The new Lexus IS, also available in some countries as a hybrid, gets an... err... 'interesting' DeviantArt re-design.

Finally, GM considers start-stop technology for the Corvette Stingray. Will traditional Corvette fans want it though?...


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