Ask the average NASCAR fan whether they think the sport should go electric, and the response probably wouldn't be repeatable in polite company.

Fans of electric cars already know they can be fast and with success at events like Pikes Peak, they can win against gasoline vehicles too. But NASCAR is as much about the sound as it is the color, the racing and the speed, and the fans love it.

But thanks to the 'Silence the track' video above (via Jalopnik), we have an idea of what electric NASCAR might be like.

Quiet, is the answer. Even if it's difficult to tell just how quiet, since like the electric aircraft video a few weeks back, the video's creator has seen fit to put music over the soothing silence of Tesla travel.

It isn't the first time we've seen Teslas on track. A Roadster and Model S recently competed to take Laguna Seca's electric lap record, and we're all familiar with the BMW M5-bashing Model S drag race video.

A total of 43 Tesla vehicles--mostly Model S, by the looks of things--took to Richmond International Raceway, Virginia, for a bit of left-turning fun on the circuit's three-quarter mile of banked turns.

We doubt any lap records were set, but there's plenty of inspiration for those of us as interested in racing as we are in electric vehicles--and it does make us wonder whether NASCAR has room for an electric class to sit alongside its more familiar stock car series...


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