The ReFuel EV Track Day hosted by Speedventures ran its third annual event this past weekend at Laguna Seca, and as you might--or might not--expect, a Nissan Leaf was on hand to turn some laps.

The video is unusual for a track-day reel, with nothing but wind noise and tire squeal to be heard. It's not particularly high-speed, but, then, neither is the Leaf.

So how long did the lap take? MyNissanLeaf forum member, the owner of the Leaf in question, says he turned a 2:10 lap around the circuit. For reference, the overall winner of the day, with a highly skilled driver in a Tesla Roadster, turned a 1:50. In other words, it's a respectable time.

How did the Leaf perform in the unusual environment? Quite well. The owner reports the Leaf was one of the few cars that didn't run into heat management issues after a handful of laps, though the brakes and tires did start to get too hot for best peformance.

Check out the video below, the gallery above, and then visit the forum at the link below to read the full report.

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