Mercedes-Benz doesn't yet offer a front-wheel drive model in the U.S, at least until the new CLA Class lands.

In Europe however, it's gone through three generations of A Class and it's now on the second-gen B Class, a spacious family hatchback.

The 2013 New York Auto Show sees the debut of an electric version of that vehicle, the B Class Electric Drive.

Under the metallic blue skin you'll find a 100 kilowatt (134 horsepower), 228 pound-foot electric motor, powering the front wheels. Mercedes says the instant torque--developed from a standstill, like virtually all electric cars--corresponds to that of a 3.0-liter gasoline engine, so there's plenty of power available.

The company is being cagey about outright performance, only suggesting the benchmark 0-62 mph sprint can be achieved in "considerably less than ten seconds". Top speed is limited to 100 mph.

Unlike the new A Class and upcoming CLA, the B Class still features Mercedes' clever sandwich floor, which is where you'll find the car's lithium-ion battery pack. That means it's mounted low for stable cornering, but also results in zero intrusion into the passenger space.

Range is quoted at 115 miles, and Mercedes says a 60-mile charge from a 240V, Level 2 charging station takes under two hours. A full battery charge isn't quoted.

Brake energy regeneration is a given, while the driver can monitor his or her range and remaining power via dedicated gauges replacing those of the regular B Class. A clear power display can be seen in the right-hand dial. As a networked vehicle, owners can keep track of charging remotely via PC or smartphone. Pre-heating and pre-cooling is also standard.

The big news is that the Mercedes-Benz B Class Electric Drive is no mere concept vehicle, a tease at the company's electric potential--it's a bona fide production car, intended for a U.S. market launch at the beginning of 2014.

That makes it only the second official Daimler electric vehicle to arrive in the U.S, following the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive--with the high-performance SLS Electric Drive still awaiting confirmation on North American sales.

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