Want a Nissan Leaf but disappointed that you can't take more of your friends along for the ride? Or don't have space for champagne flutes?

The Nissan Leaf limo for sale on eBay could be just the thing to meet your needs.

If you think the concept of a Nissan Leaf electric limo sounds familiar, then you'd be correct.

Built by Imperial Coach Builders of Springfield, MO, we featured the car back in June--and it hasn't taken long for the world's first electric limo to go on sale on the popular internet auction site.

The 2012 car has a luxurious specification, with leather trim for both the driver and every passenger. And even if your fares are noisy, the limo itself should be as silent as any other Nissan Leaf.

The only element which may put some people off is the price.

With a day to go, it's perhaps unsurprising that the electric limo has no bids at its $50,000 starting price--and we can't see many wanting to snap it up for the $57,000 'buy it now' price either.

Perhaps San Diego-based Jakes Motor Cars will have more luck selling their ultra-high specification 2011 Tesla Roadster.

The $119,888 price tag sounds rather expensive, particularly given that Roadsters went for similar prices brand new--but the first owner went to town on the option boxes.

An executive leather and carbon fiber package would have set them back $9,000, and another $4,500 went on the infotainment system. Throw in several other toys and the original owner apparently paid $157,545 for the privilege.

Neither is cheap then, but we can't see such a highly-specified Roadster staying on the forecourt for too long...


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