After realising the potential of hybrids early on, Honda has been a little late to join the electric car party with its Fit EV.

Better late than never, though--and now the carmaker has launched a 'readiness assessment' to determine the suitability of potential lessees.

Just as with the MINI E, BMW ActiveE and Honda's own FCX Clarity fuel-cell vehicle, leasing the Fit EV will not only put examples of Honda's electric car onto the roads, but feedback from customers will also be used to shape future electric car projects.

The first Fit EVs were delivered to the city of Torrance, California, for trial in the city's fleet. Honda says recharging from a 240-volt system takes as little as three hours.

There are some criteria you'll have to meet to be a potential Fit EV lessee. You'll need to live in California or Oregon to start, as these are the two states in which Honda will run the trials.

You'll also be judged on your daily commute--less than 50 miles is good, more than 75 miles isn't so good. Honda is predicting 123 miles of city driving and 95 miles highway, unadjusted--with an adjusted combined range of 76 miles using EPA testing methods.

Honda would also like to know what charger you'll be using, whether charging at home or elsewhere. You're also more likely to qualify for a lease if you own your own home, with a garage.

Interested? Take the 2013 Honda Fit EV readiness assessment.


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