You may recall we asked you to vote for Green Car Reports when we were nominated for the TreeHugger Best of Green Reader's Choice Award in the Transportation category.

In fact, we asked twice.

Well, we didn't win that award.

But to our surprise, we got a lovely note yesterday informing us that the site had won the Editor's Pick Award in that same category.

In other words, TreeHugger's esteemed editorial staff decided that Green Car Reports is the best of all the nominated sites in covering transportation from a green, fuel-saving, environmentally friendly angle.

As the site wrote, "They've been doing some really nice things in the past year, and deserve the 'Most Improved' medal."

We're honored, and we thank TreeHugger--which we think does pretty darn good work itself.

We'd also like to congratulate Autoblog Green, which rallied its hordes of readers to beat us 489 to 311 in the Reader's Choice category.

Next year, boys, next year ....

Meanwhile, we're clutching our statuette (made of recycled plastic, of course) and getting ready for our speech.

[gasp] "Gosh! Oh, my god, gee. Ummmm ... we'd like to thank our agent, and our manager, and our director, and our wonderful writers, and the limo driver, and ...."


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