We're coming down to the wire here, and our small but plucky group of supporters may be overwhelmed by the thundering hordes voting in favor of ... well, you know, those people.

We're talking about voting for the TreeHugger Best of Green Reader's Choice Award--and once more we turn to you, our valued readers, to remind you to vote for us to win this honor (always assuming you feel we deserve it).

You can vote once from each device, by the way, so that means each of our staff has voted two to five times. Dust off that first-generation iPad and power it up....

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We were nominated by TreeHugger as the "Best Transportation Website" field within the Transportation category, one of nine different fields altogether.

Green Car Reports is in hot competition with our friends and colleagues at Green Car Congress, StreetsBlog Network, a handful of bicycling sites, and of course, that other site. Harrumph.

TreeHugger 2012 Best of Green Awards nomination banner

TreeHugger 2012 Best of Green Awards nomination banner

As of this morning, we were in second place with 154 votes--but the leading site had 213 votes. Sad panda.

The contest has just three more days to run, so vote TODAY if you'd like to see Green Car Reports snatch the tiara or laurel wreath away from that large, corporate site. TreeHugger will announce the winners next week.

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The Best of Green award program was started by TreeHugger in 2009 to honor and recognize the "people, companies, groups and ideas that are helping push sustainability mainstream."

As before, we thank TreeHugger for this honor. And we hope you'll click the link above and vote for Green Car Reports to help us seize the Readers' Choice award from our valued friends at That Really Large Corporate site owned by AOL BloggingtonPost.

Tell your friends, tell your family, accost people in the streets (politely) and urge them to vote. We find people driving hybrids and plug-in electric cars are especially good targets.

Vote now! Thank you.


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