If there was an award for the "Most Badass Hybrid Debut In 2010," the new BMW X6 ActiveHybrid would win. BMW won't call it a sport utility vehicle, and for good reason. There's not much utility left in it. Oh, but there's plenty of sport.

The so-called "sports activity coupe," was spotted near the Bavarian automaker's Spartanburg, South Carolina plant last Friday morning, wearing very light camouflage.

The X6 Hybrid will use two-mode technology similar to what's currently available in the Chevy Tahoe and GMC Yukon Hybrids. The system is expected to improve fuel economy 20% over the standard X6, resulting in a highway rating of 24 mpg - not too shabby for this vehicle class.

According to the test driver, the X6 Hybrids have entered production and should be in showrooms by the end of the year. It will only take a cool $70,000 to get one. If that's not in your budget, you can at least salivate over the pictures.

Source: Hybrid Cars