Green-car enthusiasts are often early adopters, even technology enthusiasts.

In the digital media world, that means they're likely to access content not only on computers and tablets, but also on a growing variety of mobile phones and other devices.

Until now, this site wasn't particularly helpful in that regard.

That's changed. Now ... TADA! ... GreenCarReports has an all-new version, designed specifically for ease of reading on all manner of mobile devices.

You can scan headlines faster and easier, find our new-car reviews and other topics, and continue to enjoy (we hope) our news and other content wherever you happen to go.

The new mobile version of GCR lets you fly through the photo galleries we build into some of our posts, and watch our videos on the full screen of your mobile phone.

And all you have to do is enter the site's name into your mobile-device browser. We'll automatically serve you up the correct version: full-size for larger screens, the mobile version for smaller ones.

There'll be even more features coming a bit later, including the ability to read and post comments on news stories.

But we're pleased with the new mobile GreenCarReports, and we hope you'll take it for a spin.

See the graphic at left for what the site looked like this morning on a mobile device from some company named after a fruit.

As always, we welcome your feedback on how it works and any oddities you may happen to find while you're browsing.

Just remember: NO looking at your mobile device while you're driving!

Let us know what you think.


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