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  • Chevrolet Bolt EV being charged outside Go Forth electric-car showroom, Portland   [photo: Forth]

    Electric-car charging network ChargePoint has announced a new feature that allows electric vehicle (EV) owners to begin charging their car using near-field communication (NFC) and their smartphone. This doesn’t mean your phone itself is capable of charging your car, of course, though that would be fantastic. Instead, the company—which operates one of the largest EV charging networks in the world—has lifted the lid on a “tap to charge” feature that lets drivers initiate the charging process at 40,000 spots across North America by simply tapping their Android...

  • Porsche Design Group P9522 mobile phone
    Forget Electric-Car Charging Networks, Pay By Mobile Phone?

    It's a well-known problem among electric car owners: accumulating the memberships and authorization cards from enough charging networks in your area so you're sure to have the right one when you pull up to a charging station. Now a new company, Liberty Plug-Ins, suggests that maybe all those cards...

  • Wrecked Toyota Prius owned by Elizabeth James, photo by Ted James, from Houston Press
    Yes, Even Prius Drivers Can Be Utter Idiots At The Wheel

    We spend a fair amount of time here defending Toyota Prius drivers, who seem to have a bad reputation for slow and inept driving. We point out that gentle acceleration gets you there almost as quick and saves you money, despite the angry SUV driver 18 inches off the rear bumper. But then something...

  • New mobile version of GreenCarReports site, December 2011
    New Mobile Version For GreenCarReports! Try It Out Today

    Green-car enthusiasts are often early adopters, even technology enthusiasts. In the digital media world, that means they're likely to access content not only on computers and tablets, but also on a growing variety of mobile phones and other devices. Until now, this site wasn't particularly helpful...

  • General Electric GE WattStation charging
    Electric Cars And Roaming: Following The Cell Phone's Lead?

    If you use a cell phone, you'll be more than familiar with the concept of roaming. It allows you to continue using your cell phone when your home network isn't available, thanks to collaborations between networks in different countries. Now, it appears a similar concept may be heading towards the...

  • Ecotality Blink Level 2 residential charging station for electric cars
    Sprint To Connect Ecotality’s Electric-Car Chargers Nationwide

    Electric car charging company Ecotality announced today it has partnered with Sprint to its electric car charging stations. The partnership will make stations searchable on GPS and will enable billing services and the ability to track data on charging habits. This is one of many examples in recent...

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