What do you get if you cross a cult-horror movie filmmaker, an electric car, and a killer wasp? 

We weren’t sure either, until Californian electric vehicle specialist Epic EV announced the official launch of its all-electric All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) -- the Epic Amp.

As part of the Epic Amp launch plans, Epic EV is offering its fans a chance to win their own Amp, no doubt so they can recreate the b-movie horror short that accompanies the launch.

The six-minute short was directed by Franklin Guerreo Jr., responsible for cult horror movies such as The 8th Plague and Carver. While you might not have heard of the director -- we hadn’t -- you might recognize the film as the same six-minute action short that leaked onto YouTube earlier this year and then mysteriously vanished a few days later. 

Yes, that film. The one with the electric ATV, the disembodied human skull, and the Killer Wasp

“It was important for the video to show off the Amp’s capabilities within a unique story”, said Director of Marketing Eric Williford. “We reached out to Frankie because after looking at his films, we thought his style was the perfect match for what we were trying to accomplish.”

We’re glad Williford feels that way, because we have to admit the short leaves us feeling a little...confused, especially since the day was saved not by the electric ATV, but by a large shotgun and a can of aerosol. 

With a 40 kilowatt motor, a 14.4 kilowatt-hour battery pack, a top speed of 50 mph and a claimed off-road range of 60 miles, the Epic Amp certainly looks like it could offer some serious fun off-road as both an adventure sport vehicle and a utility vehicle. 

To be in with a chance to win one, Epic EV says its fans need to head to Facebook and "Like" its page.

As for the video? We think it’s better suited to the graveyard shift on the Sci Fi Channel.



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