Historically, electric vehicles haven’t had an easy time of it thanks to the old stereotype that they are slow, boring and can’t cope with the real world. 

We all know that isn’t true -- but what would you to to convince the general public that your new electric off-road all-terrain-vehicle (ATV) isn’t just another golf buggy or shopping mall cart?

We can think of several ways, but have to admit that an action-packed thriller involving a killer wasp isn’t one of them. 

Enter California-based Epic electric vehicles. Maker of three electric vehicles -- a three-wheeled ‘car’, an electric speedboat and an electric ATV -- the firm decided that a good way to dispel the myth about slow electric buggies would be to put its Epic ATV in an action-packed short. 

The 6-minute promo film features two buddies on an off-road hunting trip who come across a human skull along the trail. 

Concerned, they stop to investigate, only to become prey to a human-sized monster wasp keen on turning them into its next meal. 

What follows, according to Autobloggreen, is a typical action-film style chase scene in which the two men have to drive the Epic ATV flat out to survive. 

Interestingly, since the film became an Internet sensation Epic has withdrawn it from its Youtube page. We’re not sure if the unexpected popularity overwhelmed Epic’s sales team before it had a chance to swell its numbers, or if it was simply published too early for an up-coming ad campaign, but we’re sad we can’t share it with you. 

We have to admit though that the Epic ATV certainly looks the part. With the right gear and an empty dirt track we’d like to put the Epic ATV through its paces for ourselves, although we’d want to take some Zyrtec with us just in case. 

How would you sell an all-electric ATV? Let us know in the Comments below.


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