Las Vegas is better known for its excess than its frugality, but city bosses are turning that image around by trialling a fleet of electric cars, the first of which is GM's range-extended electric vehicle, the 2011 Chevrolet Volt. The trial will make the city the only government agency in the state to test electric vehicles.

So far the Volt is proving its worth, averaging 156 mpg in the city's hands so far, often being charged between trips so most of the running is done using the vehicle's EV range.

Sin City's endorsement isn't the first coup Chevrolet has had for its Volt. Last month New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced the NYPD would be adding 50 Volts to its fleet for use as traffic enforcement vehicles, many of which are expected to cover an entire shift without needing the gasoline engine to kick in.

Late last year, General Electric also announced it would be adding the Volt to its fleet, putting in a massive order of 12,000 cars as part of its intended 25,000-strong electric vehicle fleet.

As well as the Volt order, the city of Las Vegas is also installing electric vehicle charging stations at public facilities all around the city. Surprisingly, Las Vegas is something of a leader in alternative fuel vehicles, with more than 90 percent of the city's fleet running on alternative fuels such as electricity, hydrogen, natural gas, biodiesel and hybrid technology.

The Vegas Volt was paid for with federal funding through a Department of Energy grant and it's due to be joined by three other electric vehicles by the end of the first quarter of 2012.

What we really want to know though about the Las Vegas Volt... did they go for red or black?...

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