Get ready, folks, for a completely redesigned GreenCarReports.

To bring you the best coverage of fuel-efficient, hybrid, clean-diesel, and electric cars, and some of the issues around them, we're preparing to launch an all-new look and feel.

Among the changes, we'll have easier access to more breaking news, a better selection of related stories on any given topic, better photo galleries, and more refinements to the new comment system we launched in May.

We're proud of the new design, and we think you'll like it. Our goals were to make it cleaner, a bit more sophisticated, and easier to use--all at the same time.

New organization for the navigation menus will make it easier and quick for you to find articles on topics that interest you, including specific categories for gas mileage, hybrid vehicles, clean diesels, and the expanding category of electric cars.

We'll continue to let you share any articles you like across a wide variety of social media, and we're building in live updates from our Twitter stream as well.

This has been a huge project, involving everyone on staff from our designers and product manager through to our editors and writers, not to mention the sterling efforts of our dedicated developers in several locations.

We're now working on quality assurance, to ensure we launch a site without glitches that would spoil the experience. While we're eager to pull the covers off--just like a show car!--there are still some finishing touches to come.

When the new design goes live, we'll update you again with some tips on how to make the most of the new features.

Until then, the images show a few different pages for you to ponder. Have a look at them, and let us know what you think in the Comments below.


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