Are you a Mac user or a PC user?  

There was a time when that question would spawn pages of flame wars on blogs and computer newsgroups, and perhaps even devoted fan pages on Geocities.  

Despite adverts from both Microsoft and Apple to suggest both platforms are still sworn enemies, Macs and PCs generally get on pretty well together these days, exchanging files, running the same programs and even supporting the same hardware. 

But as some frustrated 2011 Chevrolet Volt owners are finding out, the days of Apple hardware misbehaving with other devices are far from over. 

Detailed on the Chevrolet Volt Owners Facebook page, it appears many owners of both an  Apple iPhone 4 and Chevrolet’s plug-in hybrid are experiencing intermittent connection problems between car and smartphone, caused by an incompatibility in the bluetooth system both use to communicate. 

In a society which increasingly frowns on those who do not use handsfree kits in their car, owners of the $41,000 plug-in car are getting impatient. 

iPhone 4 charging in Chevrolet Volt

iPhone 4 charging in Chevrolet Volt

Initially, some owners were told that the problem lay in the Volt’s bluetooth communication system, but after joint collaboration, Apple and General Motors have an official verdict. 

Apple’s iPhone is to blame. 

“After being old by Volt team to take my car in for bluetooth software update the dealer Volt Mechanic tells me there is no such update published,” wrote Volt owner Jeff U’Ren. “ (the) Volt Team just called to say that Apple has admitted that it is their (Apple iPhone4) problem and not GM.”

2011 Chevrolet Volt

2011 Chevrolet Volt

Apple hasn’t detailed when an update for the faulty bluetooth system will be available, but it is expected in the next few months. 

In the meantime, owners of the troubled iPhone 4 will have to either risk the occasional dropped call, or not try to pair their Volt and phone until an update has been issued. 

Do you have a problem with your car’s bluetooth system and your smartphone system? Let us know in the Comments below.

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