• Green Car Reports app for iOS shown on Apple iPhone

    You've been asking for it, and we've been listening. You want to read Green Car Reports on your Apple iPad, maybe even your iPhone, and you want a native app that runs seamlessly with iOS to do it with Wait no longer: Our app is now here. The powers that be at Apple have approved it, and it's ready to download with a tap or a click. DOWNLOAD APP HERE: Green Car Reports app on iTunes The Green Car Reports app will give our latest news stories at a glance, with an infinitely scrolling and photo-rich home screen. You can tap your way through breaking news, analysis, videos, road tests, and much...

  • China
    From Making iPhones To Electric Cars: Foxconn To Offer $15K Plug-In Vehicle

    Smartphone-maker Foxconn wants to build its own electric car.

  • LeafLink iPhone App
    Nissan Leaf Gets Remote Charger Timer With Leaf Link iPhone App

    Ever since Nissan launched its Leaf electric car in late 2010, it has offered owners the ability to remotely start charging, using its Carwings telematics system and smartphone apps. The Nissan Leaf also has a feature letting owners pre-program a start time for charging and pre-heating, but only...

  • GreenCharge Electric Car iPhone App
    Green Charge Offers 3rd Party Monitoring Of 2012 Volt, Leaf Charging

    In case you hadn’t heard, smartphone apps are the number one accessory for any plug-in car owner. In fact, nearly every mainstream electric car on the market today has its own dedicated iOS, Android and Windows Mobile applications, designed to help you monitor your car’s charge level...

  • 2011 Tesla Roadster Sport 2.5
    Tesla Roadster Owners Soon To Get iPhone App Thanks To Tech-Savvy Fans

    Nearly every electric car on the market today comes with technology that enables you to remotely start its charging cycle, pre-cool the cabin, or check its state of charge using a smart phone or computer. But while owners of the $109,000 Tesla Roadster aren’t among those who had smart-phone...

  • iPhone 4S integration with Nissan Leaf
    Reader Asks: Does Apple’s iPhone 4S Work With My Nissan Leaf? We Reply

    When Apple unveiled its latest smartphone -- the iPhone 4s -- at the start of this month, eagle-eyed electric car fans will have noticed that a 2011 Nissan Leaf was used in the first ever commercial for Apple’s voice-activated Siri personal assistant. Standard on every new iPhone 4s, Siri...

  • Plugsurfing website (screenshot)

    For as long as electric cars have been on the roads of the world, people have needed to find a place to plug in. So what happens when a company obtains and publishes details of several hundred addresses and contact details for a privately-run and moderated peer-to-peer charging network? That’s exactly what has happened in the U.K., when information held on the privately-run EV-Network.org became publicly available on both a website and an iPhone application. Enter Plugsurfing. Ran by e-xite Ltd, the website came under criticism yesterday after several EV-Network members alleged that...

  • Powermat wireless charge pad in Chevrolet Volt
    Mac Vs PC Becomes Mac Vs Chevy As Volt, iPhone Won’t Talk

    Are you a Mac user or a PC user? There was a time when that question would spawn pages of flame wars on blogs and computer newsgroups, and perhaps even devoted fan pages on Geocities. Despite adverts from both Microsoft and Apple to suggest both platforms are still sworn enemies, Macs and PCs...

  • BMW EVolve iPhone App
    Are You Electric Car Ready? BMW’s New App Helps You Decide

    You may recall earlier this year we wrote about an iPhone app designed to help prospective electric car buyers figure out just how big a battery pack their new electric car should have. Allowing full customization of technical parameters such as drag coefficient and vehicle weight, iEV was also a...

  • iEV Logo
    Want a Virtual Electric Car? There’s an App For That

    Ever since Apple announced it would allow third party developers to build and sell applications for its iPhone smart phone, we’ve seen a whole range of applications from the silly to the useful. There’s even some fantastic iPhone apps to help you find the nearest charge station, control...

  • 2011 Nissan LEAF iPhone App
    Waiting for Your 2011 Nissan Leaf? Here, Have an iPhone App

    We know. You’ve put the deposit down, agonized over the charge station installation and felt a pang of jealousy when you discovered your 2011 Nissan LEAF won’t arrive for another four months. But while all hopes that Santa is bringing that new electric car may be lost you can at least...

  • Renault Twizy Concept
    Europe's First iAd With 2012 Renault Twizy Electric Car

    If there's one gadget that seems to go hand in hand with electric cars, it's Apple's iPhone. We've seen apps that allow you to place reservations and even customise your order, apps that allow you to keep track of charging and even switch on your aircon or heater remotely, and earlier in the year...

  • Smart Drive app, for iPhone and 2011 Smart Electric Drive

    For the upcoming 2011 Smart Electric Drive, which we drove at The Car Connection last week, the brand has rolled out a new app that essentially turns your iPhone into that.

  • 2010 Toyota Prius - Facebook page
    2010 Toyota Prius: On the Road, And In Social Media Too

    Carmakers have dived into the deep end of social media, with iPhone apps, Facebook pages, Twitter streams, and a whole host of other online ways to reach potential buyers and promote their brands. Not surprisingly, given the affluent, environmentally aware nature of its audience, the 2010 Toyota...

  • Bliss Trek eco-driving application for Apple iPhone 3G or 3g S
    Driving Green Becomes a Game, Now On Your iPhone

    Even if you're not in a 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid, you too can grow green leaves on your dash display when you save fuel by driving with a light foot. Except in this case, the leaves appear on your iPhone 3G or 3G S, courtesy of Bliss Trek. It's the first eco-driving app for Apple's cult favorite...

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